AdvisorSLA provides solutions to Carriers / Service Providers and B2B customers to monitor the performance of their communication infrastructure and the quality of experience they offer to their users and customers.

AdvisorSLA products is one the most comprehensive in the industry, offering a complete and real time understanding about the performance of network infrastructure and the quality, availability and performance of critical business applications.

AdvisorSLA solution is compliant with industry standards. It’s a software based solution, interoperate with many vendors equipment and is based on Active Testing technologies.

AdvisorSLA solution has been selected by several medium to large Carriers/Service providers and large IT/B2B organizations, including Orange, GiP Renater, FFCN, Swisscom,…



AdvisorSLA is a French SME located in Massy, in the south of Paris with an R&D lab at Cesson Sevigné closed to Rennes (Britany). It develops QoS solutions in its own Lab in close proximity with its largest customers and partners.

AdvisorSLA is a technological partner of PYXYA, CISCO and IBM, and a business partner of Emitec AG and Lillybelle.


AdvisorSLA key team members were previously involved in QoSmetrics, a company founded in 1999 that provided Quality of Experience (QoE) solutions for IPTV and triple play services for Telecom Operators.

Late 2006 QoSMetrics was sold to Symmetricom (California) and the technology was later acquired by Cheetah that mainly exploited the video analysis components to the benefit of US cable operators.

In 2011, with the support of key QoSMetrics customers and partners, the team purchased back the code sources from Cheetah.

It has spent the past few years to enrich the technology and develop brand new features.

In June 2021, AdvisorSLA becomes part of DaNSO group as R&D Laboratory for Network Performance & Cybersecurity features (including Damiage RAPID Project with DGA/Epita).

AdvisorSLA solution benefit from 15 years’ experience in the market.

Key Team members

AdvisorSLA benefits from the unique experience of a seasoned management team. Key team members are 

Eric Moreau

Shareholder and President

Serial entrepreneur : Quallaby, Apogée Communications, QoSmetrics

Marc Milanini 

Shareholder and Chief Technical Officer

CTO, QoSmetrics

Jonathan Loday

Shareholder and Chief Product Officer


It also benefits from the experience of Philippe Chevalier, a Shareholder and Board Member, who has been active in the telecommunications industry in various operational roles for the past 20 years.