AdvisorSLA, the next IP SLA generation for Carriers & Service Providers proactively checks the Network Infrastructure & Service Performance by using Active Testing Technology.


AdvisorSLA, the next IP SLA generation :

Optimizes Network, Applications and Services by

Providing Link & Service Activation Test

Providing Performance visibility

Proving Service Level Agreement

Enhancing Customer satisfaction

Reduces OPEX by

Decreasing deployment time

Proactive Identification of issue.

Lowering Mean Time to Restore & Downtime

Network KPIs for Performance Monitoring

AdvisorSLA solution addresses all aspects of Ethernet/IP Network Life Cycle, including :

Performance Monitoring


Service Activation

AdvisorSLA has been designed to optimize Ethernet & IP services, by providing reports and notifications on :

Upstream/Downstream throughput

Packet Loss

URL and ICMP Performance Monitoring

One Way Latency & Jitter with sub 100µs resolution

Cybersecurity attack detection 

Ethernet/IP Network

AdvisorSLA use case

Network Performance Monitoring Solution


AdvisorSLA, the next IP SLA generation

QoE Improvement – Improve the Quality perceived by the end user (QoE) with better Ethernet & IP Network QoS

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Quickly and effectively Manage SLA Violations before they escalate to customer-affecting issues

Significantly Reduce Help Desk Call Volume

Cost Effective, Entry Level & Turnkey Solution, Software Agent

Scalable, for small and large deployments

End-to-End Visibility, E2E QoS Measurement on Core, Edge and Access Network

Proactive Fault Detection & Fast Resolution

Expert System, Network Expertise to automatically analyze the Network behavior.


AdvisorSLA, the next IP SLA generation

QoE Improvement – Improve the Quality perceived by the end user (QoE) with better Ethernet & IP Network QoS

Accurate – KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) with the best accuracy on the market with µs resolution. Key point to detect specific Network behavior like Fast Reroute, …

Key Performance Indicator

Agnostic – Network Equipment independent Solution.

Scalable  – Simple design configuration (1 server) up to Multiple servers architecture (RDBMS)

Reliable / Trusted – Orange, Telecom Italia, MGTS, Telmex, Renater, FCCN,…. use H-Log QoS Telecom solution.

QoE Improvement – Improve the Quality perceived by the end user (QoE) with better Ethernet & IP Network QoS

Test Transaction based on standard, TWAMP – RFC-5357, RFC-2544, ….

Integration into existing OSS by using Standard Web Services REST API.

NFV/SDN ready.


AdvisorSLA, the next IP SLA generation

Network Management System – Web based GUI Centralized management solution for :

Probe configuration

Collect all results from probes and save them on local Database.

Setup synchronization Time

Dashboards, result consolidation and reports

Sanity checking

Alarm generation & notification (SNMP, Email)

Setup test scenarios

Central database with Backup, Redundancy functionality for high avaibility.

Probe Family 

Probe Family 

AdvisorSLA provides a full range of Probe types to answer to requested features, Performance & Price :

Hardware Probe (H-Probe)

Powerfull Hardware Probe with 1 & 10GE interface, to be deployed across the network at different strategic locations usually at each PoP/Regional PE

Small Form factor Probe usually deployed at the Access/Last Mile or Business Customer premises.

Software Probe (vProbe) – Virtual probe designed for Virtual environments like Virtual Machine, vCPE, vSwitch, vRouter, …inside Operator Network Infrastructure and Datacenter.

With AdvisorSLA, the Next IP SLA generation, we offer a unique solution to adress Carriers & Service providers’ current and future needs.

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Leading Carriers, Service Providers and large IT/ Enterprises rely on the next IP SLA generation from AdvisorSLA to Analyze in real time :

The Quality of Service (QoS) of their Network infrastructure

The Quality perceived by their customer using Business Application (QoE)

to improve the performance of their services and the customer satisfaction by reducing their CAPEX & OPEX.

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