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July 4

Capitalize on DaNSO and NETSCOUT 's expertise in application performance visibility
and network security.

March 16th

Webinar Thursday, March 16, 2023
Kadiska, innovative vision of user performance monitoring and hybrid connectivity (Saas / Cloud access and SD-WAN)

Kadiska brings visibility where APM and NPM solutions fall short in instrumenting hybrid, SD-WAN and cloud connectivity. It is now easy with Kadiska to identify performance leaks and path changes from different regional/global ISPs that can degrade geo-based user experience.

January 24th

Capitalize on DaNSO 's and KADISKA' s expertise in observing the performance of services in the Cloud.

8 June

Interview of Wednesday 9 June 2022
Discover the interview of Myriam Goulam, IT Country Manager and Christophe Couvercelle, Service Centre Manager at DaNSO at the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) 2022, to present the company DaNSO.

07 - 09 June

DaNSO participation in the International Cybersecurity Forum 

Tuesday 3rd May

Webinar on Tuesday 3 May 2022:
Transforming NetOps operations from a manual approach to a preventative approach by automating daily tasks.

16 November

DaNSO Group and Yagaan combine their expertise to strengthen network performance monitoring and application security.

30 September

Webinar on Thursday 30 September 2021:
Tailor your infrastructure to the needs of your applications and optimise their costs with Turbonomic.

Learn how you can improve resource allocation in production (Cloud, On premise, ....) based on performance metrics captured throughout the DevOps cycle.

30 June

Interview of Wednesday 30 June 2021
Interview with Eric Moreau at the Mobile World Congress to explain the contribution of automation in network management.

Thursday 18th June

DaNSO Group acquires AdvisorSLA.

The DaNSO Group has acquiredAdvisor SLA, a software company specialising in active network testing, thereby strengthening its catalogue of solutions to support companies in their digitalisation programmes. DaNSO is a specialist in the integration of infrastructure, network and application management solutions, combining observability and cybersecurity.

Thursday 10 June

Webinar on Thursday 10 June 2021:
How to automate network management: NetBrain Intent Based Network

Turn your network design and configuration rules into operational bots that can be used to monitor changes and aid diagnosis.
The Intent-Based Network feature introduced in the latest version of NetBrain simplifies the automation of network change monitoring and diagnostic support.

Thursday 29 April

Article from Thursday 29 April 2021 :
NetBrain 10.0: An Important Step in Network Automation

Thursday 29 April

Webinar on Thursday 29 April 2021:
Learn about the new features of NetBrain V10.0, a major step forward for Network automation

NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0 introduces innovative technologies, includingIntend-Based Network and adaptive monitoring, to enable large-scale network automation. This release also streamlines collaboration and troubleshooting escalation through a new incident portal and enhanced Smart CLI capabilities. By incorporating support for the public cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure - and enhanced auto-update capabilities, NetBrain provides a more powerful and scalable platform than ever before. Other new features are also provided in IEv10.0 to further improve troubleshooting automation.

Thursday 08 April

Article from Thursday 08 April 2021:
Areall DDoS attacks the same?

Thursday 08 April

Webinar on Thursday 08 April 2021:
Thwart and deflect Slow Loris DDOS attacks with Flowmon and Kemp

DDoS attacks are not always based on brute force network saturation but the aim is always to make services inaccessible. This is the case of the Slow Loris attack, which is often not discovered by traditional DDoS protection systems. A combination of Kemp' s mitigation and Flowmon' s deflection is the solution to protect the IS from all types of attacks and in particular from Slow Loris attacks.

Thursday 11 March

Webinar on Thursday 11 March 2021:
Checking the performance of your 4G/5G mobile networks and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Monitor the availability and performance of your mobile and mission-critical networks to ensure service levels.

We propose to show you how the AdvisorSLA solution interacts with the deployed equipment, ensures a fine monitoring (one way) and follows your KPI: Packet loss, Latency & Jitter, Inter. Delay & TTL.

Active testing enables availability to be checked before services are opened, as well as extending visibility as workloads increase and configurations change.

Thursday 11 February

Webinar on Thursday, February 11, 2021:
Use Instana APM in the Development phase to avoid Application incidents in Production

Control the performance and resilience of your applications from the beginning of the development process to significantly reduce production incidents and optimise your IT resource consumption.

We invite you to discover how theAPM INSTANA solution (recently acquired by IBM) can efficiently serve development teams thanks to its unparalleled ergonomics and intrinsic capacity for deployment in the Cloud.

Thursday 28 January

Webinar on Thursday 28 January 2021:
Check your IT/Cloud infrastructure changes and automate your diagnostics with NetBrain!

Check that your changes and migrations do not lead to a degradation of services for your users.

Rely on extensive visibility (intranet and cloud) and automatic remediation to reduce the MTTR of an incident and even avoid business impact.

We offer you to discover, through a presentation followed by a demonstration, how you can check the impact of migrations and updates with the Netbrain solution enriched with the DaNSO methodology, as well as correct errors automatically.

Thursday 14th January

Webinar on Thursday 14 January 2021:
How to monitor and thwart malicious behaviour on the network?

A better detection of malicious behaviour for a better security.
We propose you to discover through a presentation and especially a demonstration how you can monitor and counteract malicious behaviour on the network with the Flowmon ADS solution and the DaNSO methodology.