Guarantee the satisfaction of your
users by optimising the
Performance of your information system

Infrastructure supervision, network outsourcing, application monitoring, cybersecurity reinforcement, etc. We ensure the high availability of your information system and the satisfaction of your users!

Managed services

Delegate performance and cybersecurity monitoring to gain agility on business services


Rely on experts to optimise your instrumentation and process automation


Effectively support the transition from reactive to proactive mode

R&D and software publishing

Test, select or request the development of tools adapted to your environment

Monitor the user experience and anticipate any degradation of critical services

Managed Services

Whether in the design phase or in production, DaNSO allows you to better manage the user experience and anticipate any degradation of critical services. You can move from reactive to proactive management. With the ability to cover every segment of your IS, our modular offer extends to the areas of infrastructure, network, application and cybersecurity performance management.


We offer three levels of outsourced services depending on your situation and strategy, which are particularly interesting for supporting digitisation programmes for which you may not have the resources available.

Regular Service

- Support with customer tools
- Troubleshooting and Event Reporting

Managed Service

- Regular service
- DaNSO core products
- MCO, Administration and capacity planning of monitoring tools
- Provision of summary dashboards

Governed Service

- Managed service
- Provision of monitoring tools and policy
- Continuous improvement process

and Automation

Optimising the use and ROI of a solution requires successful integration and the implementation of automated processes


Depending on the skills and resources you have available, our DaNSO expert engineers will help you integrate the Performance Management Service Model into your IS in the way that best suits your needs.


Our experts assist you in:
- Deployment of the functionalities as close as possible to 100% software and in a virtual environment (VM and Docker).
- Integration of the deployment of analysis functions in the IS orchestrator scripts (NSO, Ciena Jenkins, XL release, ...)
- Automation of the production of logs and reports
- Continuous improvement of processes

Integration and implementation of automated processes
Support to facilitate ramp-up


We offer our expertise and methods in support and training to help your teams move towards proactive performance and cybersecurity monitoring.


Our experience in the field of IS performance management has enabled us to develop a wide range of consultancy skills, from raising awareness of performance issues to implementing a performance analysis and optimisation strategy, including diagnosing the existing situation and recommending the most appropriate solutions.

Training: Observability & Security Academy

We provide you with expertise in the various areas of performance management and cybersecurity, enabling you to gain valuable skills in the analysis and prevention of performance issues. Training oriented towards the transfer of skills or certification (in the case of continuing education)

R&D and
Software publishing

Our appetite for new technologies and the expertise of our software development teams are strong assets to help you test or adapt solutions to your environment.


To support you in your innovation process or progress plans, we have equipped ourselves with the best technologies, collaboration with leading university laboratories and engineers who are experts in their fields. An ideal configuration for creating new services and better supporting the digital uses of tomorrow.


As a software editor, we are particularly specialised in:
- Active/proactive testing of IT network infrastructures.
- Development of algorithms for event correlation and detection of cybersecurity attacks.

We know how to design and develop customised solutions to improve your control over network and application performance.

Appetence for new technologies and software development expertise